Putting People First Pays Off: Articulate Solutions Celebrates 30 Years of Success

March 22, 2022: When Gilroy artist Katherine Filice sat down at her kitchen table and started sketching logos for local businesses in the early 1990s, she could not imagine that three decades later she would be celebrating 30 years of success alongside business partner Jason Raby and a talented team of graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing specialists. Today, Articulate Solutions is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a highly respected creative services agency that produces award-winning work for a wide range of businesses and organizations.

The impressive “trophy wall” at the Articulate Solutions office in downtown Gilroy showcases many of the firm’s 134 national and international design awards. But according to its leaders, the creative agency doesn’t measure its success in platinum, gold or silver.

“We’re proud of our awards, but the way we truly measure our success is by how well we help our clients achieve their goals,” explained Katherine Filice, founder, CEO, and Executive Creative Director at Articulate Solutions. “We love the challenge of creating logos, websites, and advertisements that don’t just look amazing—but that also deliver a measurable return on investment for our clients. That strategic focus on delivering creative work that actually works has been the key to our continued growth and success over the last 30 years.”

Chief Marketing Officer Jason Raby joined Articulate Solutions in 2004 and became a partner in 2013. His combination of graphic design and technical skills helped the company smoothly transition into the digital age. In addition to general branding and graphic design, the agency also specializes in digital marketing, website development, social media, and multimedia design.

“We love pushing the boundary of what we can accomplish,” said Raby. “As just one example, we embraced the opportunity early on to learn more about digital marketing. Today, we are a Certified Google Partner and have had incredible results for our clients. Looking forward, we’ll continue to explore new technologies and expand our services.”

Hoa Le, President and General Manager at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, has worked with Articulate Solutions since 2014 and says, “I want to congratulate Kat and her team on their 30th anniversary. I am so proud to be their partner and have them represent Gilroy Gardens. Their entire team not only cares about our business, but they care deeply about our staff and our customers. They help us look at every angle of our business, understand our customers better, never lose sight of our goals, and fiercely protect our brand and image. You can’t ask for a better partner.”

About Articulate Solutions:
Winner of over 130 national and international design awards, Articulate Solutions provides a wide range of marketing communications and design services, specializing in brand development, advertising, website development, and media relations. The creative team includes talented designers, copywriters, marketing experts, and website developers who all work together to produce creative work that delivers measurable results. For 30 years, the firm has been bringing brands to life for clients all across the world, including major corporations and global accounts.